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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

Some of the options we currently provide are in-person pickup and buyer arrange shipping. We currently don't provide shipping at this time. The buyer is fully responsible for arranging shipping or picking up the product in-person. For all orders made on the online or on the phone same day pick up is available. 


Here at liquidation pallets San Diego we are always working on ways to make our customers happy by providing convenience as much as possible. 

Return & Exchange Policy

As we mentioned on our main page most of the products we sell are overstock and in some rare cases returned items also all of our products are sold in bulk mainly for resellers, therefor all sells are final and we do not offer any refund.  


Our Exchange policy is simple. Please remember we are the only liquidation company that we know of that actually allows people to inspect the lots, pallets or truckload they buy before purchase. Therefor we don't allow exchanges since you already knew what you were getting before your purchase.

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